The winter Assult game case

The winter Assult game case

Dawn of war: Winter Assault Edit

Dawn of war: Winter Assault is the frist in the series of expansion packs to Warhammer Dawn of war, this game was developed by relic entertainment and THQ.

It is based on Gamework shop tabletop game in terms gorthic style and setting as well as its units, There was also a double pack featuring both Dawn of war and Winter Assault, later before the soulstrom expansion there was a triple pack that featured Dawn of war, Winter Assault and all-new campaign prospertive brother Dark Cursade.

Winter Assault added many new features to the series such as:

.As the Impearial Guard race now playable (instead of guests)

.New units for already existing races

.New order and disorder campaigns

.More handicaps or hard counters (where powerful units are limited to one, two, three or four)

.Chaos marines predators now limited to anti-vehical weapons and space marines predator anti-tank/infantry weapons to balance the power out

.Elder lost there hard counters except for there farseer and avater of kaine units

.Space marines lost the ability to upgrade there weapons to anything except from heavy bolters, and Orks mostly lost there ability to throw grenades as well as limited waepon choices too
Ork charge

a group of Sugglaz, Nobz and Shootaz charge at a group of Guardsmen

.New skrmish maps

All these changes balanced out the game and eased new-comers in easier to mutiplayer as well as making the game more insteating by adding the disorder campagin for the more sinster players. It also eliminated some forms of (considered) cheating in game by simply overwhelming the player with firepower of extremely powerful units-effectively eliminating the tactic element of the game.

Gameplay Edit

The single-player campaign revolves around an objective based missions (such as rescue objectives, search and destroy objectives, assassination objectives etc.).
It also focuses (especially in skrmish and mutiplayer) on the player capturing and holding strategic locations on the battlefield, which in turn generates a rescource identifield as reqiusition which is consumed for almost everything from Dawn of war from unit requseting, vehical requseting, building constuction, upgrades for units and ultimately advance up the technology tree. Captured strategic points can have listening post built on them which inceases there defences (making it harder for oppnents to steal them) and incease reqiusition, although infinate after a period of time will decay suggfiently deceasing the amount of reqiusition earned.
Listening post

An Impearial guard Listening post

A secondary rescouce, power, playes a fudermental part in Dawn of war although not requried alot for infantry units it is used to constuct vehicals (usally its at a even higher price than rereqiusition), for weapon upgrades and unit upgrades. To generate power, you simply need to constuct generators which will continually generate power, with an secondary type of generator known as thermo generators that can only be built on slag deposits for a greater increase in power. A lot like listening posts; they decay after a period of time, however there is an limit to how many are built per stonghold (which can be increased with the construction of additional stronghold(s).
Orks have unquie resouce idenifeld as waaagh! (or ork resouce). this is generated by waaagh! banners and is used to requset vehicals and infantry units, However unlike power and reqiusition it doesn't continously generated. The combination of banners, Ork population which determines technolgy levl.

Warfare Aspects Edit

Infantry are not single enterys on Dawn of war, they are commanded as sqauds, Many races can have up to the maximum 10 units in a sqaud. The player can add special units such as; sergeants(space marines/Impearial guard), warlocks(Eldar), Nobs(Orks) and Aspiring Champion(Chaos). These are available from the sqauds upgrade menu and can't be deattached and add a morale and hitpiont incease among other things.Heros such as Force commander, Farseer and Warboss can be attacted to the sqauds, which dramatically inceases their power. Some sqauds (example; space marine) can replace there standard weapons with weapons such as Plasma guns, heavy Bolter, Flamers and Missile lauchers. These can incease there effectivness against different types of units such as the missile laucher gives a vehical damage incease while lowering the sqauds overall effectiveness against infantry.
Handtops com-flipstart-game-8

A small shield above a units head indecates when a unit is in cover

One of the main aspects in combat is morale, morale is a combination of; mental toughness, courage, focus and willingness to fight, most units in Dawn of war have a standard morale amount (which is usually around 300-500) which effects the whole sqaud. As the sqaud takes damage from heavy fire from enemy units so does there morale. Some weapon such as the flamethrower are specifically made for damaging a sqauds morale, then a different sqaud finishes them off. Throughout the battlefield there are various forms of cover all of which has different effects on damage resistance and morale; light cover (such as moss and light carters etc.) all of which give a small protection from enemy units and a faster regenration rates, heavy cover (such as building ruins and rocks etc.) prodive an extraordinary amount of protection and a faster morale rate and negitive cover (such as water etc.) which gives a defence negitive to hitpoints and as a result a faster depletion of morale. Every unit does have a different amount of morale before they become demoralized-however they all have different recovery rate, for instance a Space marine sqaud has 400 morale points compared to Seer council 1000 however Space marines recover at 100 points while the Seer council recover around 150-250 points. Some to take into account.

Unit Warfare Edit

There are four types of units in Dawn of war: Winter Assault each with there special strenghs and weakness:

.Light infantry

.Heavy infantry



.Light infantry are extremely fragile and easily broken when up against heavy infantry - but they have abilities that heavy infantry don't such as infiltration, numbers, special weapons, teleportation, grenades and so on. They also have the advantage of speed over there heavy infantry brothers (due to the fact they wear less bulky armour), there are some rumours (although not proven) that light infantry can capture strategic points faster than heavy infantry.

.Heavy infantry are extremely tough (at least when compared to light infantry), and usually have access to a variety of upgrades - in some cases they can be upgraded to become effective against all units. heavy infantry are the core of most armies in Dawn of war, another negative about heavy infantry is there low numbers and expensive cost. So even a few loses could result in disaster (especially to Space marines who are most likey outnumbered).

.Demons and beasts are extremely powerful combatants, capable of shedding infantry, commanders and even vehicles to pile of flesh and iron. Lucky these units are handi-capped (or the ones that are not, take up a massive amount of population caps), some however (like Horrors for example) are effective against one unit type only, vehicles. Chaos is mainly the only race insane enough to summon demons and there beasts are organized into dangerous lesser deamons (as it is spelled in warhammers universe), then they are the monterous, extremely powerful,if a little uncontrollable greater deamons.

. Vehicles, are as some people describe, the surrport role of combat. Vehicles have armour advantages over light and even heavy infantry and are nearly impervious to small arms fire. Vehicles have massive amounts of firepower themself's, well suited, to providing surrporting fire as infantry move in for the assault. vehicals with alot of bolters or lasrifles are usually anti-infantry killers, vehicles with lascannons, rocket launchers or metaguns are anti-vehicle weapon platforms. And ones with mortars and such are arterilly.

Game informationEdit

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